It was yet another BUSY weekend for our athletes and coaches full of CrossFit and Family time.  We had 12 or 13 athletes participate in the CrossFit Reebok Lukes Locker Room Event.  Hope you guys had fun April filled us in on details.  BUMMER on no Free Stuff.

I personally did not do anything CrossFit this weekend, but what I did do I could not do without CrossFit in my LIFE!!!!   This time last year I had only worked out MAYBE half of what I do now due to the opening of the gym, I hurt my back, kids were younger YALL KNOW THE STORY that read the blog.  BUT anyways this year i’ve been able to get atleast 1 to 2 wods in sometimes on a VERY good week 3!  Well I havent done competitions in 3 years havent done a Tri in a year or 2 cant count half marathon b/c there were too many tutu’s & estrogen to run around (For those of you that dont know Linz & I did the Disney Princess half this year.  SOOO what im trying to get at is I havent been able to compare my WODS to anything in life EXCEPT this weekend!!!

So here it goes last year back on the wakeboard did ok still a little uneasy! jumping still didnt feel strong enough (I tore my ACL in a wakeboarding competition 12years ago & didnt know it until i went sno sking 2 years ago and tore both sides of my MCL b/c my ACL was  torn) JUST A LITTLE history…..BACK TO STORY anyways last year would wakeboard for 2 min and get really tired and very sore I could only hold the kids on the wakeboard behind the boat for a minute or two…..FAST FORWARD this weekend I felt like a Wakeboarding BAD A$$ I got up easy jumped the wake with my daughter in betweeen my legs took her friend another friend could go for however long.  HUGE difference.  I also Wake Surfed behind the boat got up the very first try and fell atleast 10 more times and kept trying never really got tired so there you go thats my WOW even 1 to 2 maybe even 3 WODS a WEEK makes a huge difference!!! SO no matter how busy life gets atleast you try and get a WOD in even if its 1 or 2 a week.


This WEDNESDAY 6:30ish at 6814 Mockingbird Ln. right off of 1128 and Bailey Rd maybe 7 mins from gym & I think only 3 miles.  We will have a guy here doing chair massages, the pool ready to go the hot tub ready to go and lots of wine, skinny margaritas and beer.

SOME of you wanted to bring something and thats GREAT with us.  A dip a side whatever you would like to bring or comment here so we know what your bringing maybe even your best paleo dip, dessert, or drink.  YOU DO NOT have to bring anything, but for those that wanna PLEASE DO.  So far Linz and I will have vegetable tray, fruit tray, some alcohol, and we havent decided on food yet.  NO PIZZA

So bring a bathing suit maybe some tip money for the chair massage guy YES hes a man.  and Whatever you like.  VERY casual and fun come by for awhile or just stop by whatever is easiest for you!


15 Min Amrap

7 Power Cleans 185/120

30 Oh Lunges w/KB 53/35

15 Wall Balls

Board Boss’s today were Jenn & Matt