For all you Biggest Loser watchers and Fans im sure you already noticed and heard Bob Harper loves CrossFit.  Im saying “its about damn time!!!!”  Now my second comment please tell me he’s going to drop the Oatmeal for God SAKES!!!!

Did anyone see The Biggest Loser a couple nights ago?  It actually aired Jan. 3rd  We are more than a little excited about Bob Harper’s recent tweet, ”Season 13 is gonna be ALL about CrossFit with my team…they are killing it!!!”.

It will be interesting  to see how he implements CrossFit and the amazing results his team will see if they really are doing it!
Also will it be a negative or positive thing for CrossFit and affiliates? If you do watch the Biggest Loser please keep me informed on a weekly basis I can read reviews all day long, but coming from a true crossfitter I trust so much more!

It’s the first of the year, and folks are back to work, school, routine, and looking to take steps now to ensure a healthier 2012! With publicity like that from Bob Harper, the airing of The CrossFit Games on ESPN2 New Year’s Day, and all of the CrossFit hype on social media sites lately, there are bound to be more and more people who want to give CrossFit a try. Please tell your friends and family about us.  Pearland CrossFit friend request us on FB and also follow us on Twitter.  We are giving $25 off of your month if your friend, brother/mother, sister, dad, dog (depends on what kind of dog) family! So bring them!
For anyone new to our blog, if you are looking for a CrossFit gym, here is a great article with tips for finding the right one for you. Tip #12 is “Try it out and see how it goes.”, which is perfect timing for you since our first class is FREE!!!!!!!

CrossFit and The Biggest Loser