Great work today. Being able to maintain the intensity that I required today has tremendous affects on your fitness. These days are as hard as it gets, but the payoff is invaluable. Again, great work today!

Gabe has recently moved down south to Houston from Wilmington, North Carolina.  He was the owner of Crossfit Engage (  He not only moved his personal belongings, but he moved his gym as well.  Look for him to be opening a box in the near future.  Gabe, thanks for stopping by and getting in a WOD with me. It is great having you.

WOD: Each of the movements were done without rest in between intervals
10 tire flips (guys: 1 person per tire. Girls: 2 per tire)
1 min. max rep squats
Max time holding weight overhead 135/95 lbs
1 min. max rep burpees
1 min. max rep sumo deadlift highpull

Rest 10 minutes and repeat.

Scoring: Add the # of squats, time with weight overhead, # of burpees and # of SDHP for total score. The higher the number the better.  Athletes should be able to maintain the same level of output between round 1 and round 2 so their total numbers should, in an ideal world, be equal.

  1. Velma 139 first round / 117 second Modified: round 65 lb overhead
  2. Torrie 149/116 Modified: 75 lb overhead
  3. Jake 161/104 Rx’d
  4. David 168/120 Modified: 45 lb SDHP
  5. Roni 135/137  Modified: 75 lbs overhead. (Great job. Increased score on your second round)
  6. Jose 159/145 Rx’d
  7. Victor 195/160 Rx’d
  8. Pops 163/121 Modified: 125 lbs overhead
  9. Anthony 112/105 Rx’d
  10. Teneric 140/139 Rx’d (Great work)
  11. Joey 190/162 Rx’d
  12. Lanae 168/156 Rx’d
  13. Tomika 102/129 Modified: 85 lbs overhead/26 lb SDHP (Holding back on me on the first round. Great job on the second round)
  14. Radhika 122/122 Modified: 85 lbs overhead/26 lb SDHP (Awesome)
  15. Mike 148/115 Modified: 95 lbs overhead
  16. Kelly 129/138 Modified: 85 lbs overhead/26 lb SDHP (Holding back on the first round as well. Awesome second round)
  17. Jody 145/139 Modified: 85 lbs overhead/26 lb SDHP
  18. Kevin 117/146 Rx’d (Holding back)
  19. Kayleigh 132/112 Modified: 85 lbs overhead/26 lb SDHP
  20. Nicole 100/77 Modified: 85 lbs overhead/18 lb SDHP
  21. Drew 173/167 Rx’d
  22. Gabe 187/179 Rx’d
  23. Kristen (will post tmrw)
  24. Jason (will post tmrw)

The only girl to go Rx’d was Lanae. Great work Lanae. Keep it up!

This is really really funny. Enjoy!