NO BLOG tonight just announcements!!!

Dont forget if you are not on FB we are hosting a fundraiser WOD with CrossFit Reign on Sat.  @ 9 a.m. it is $15 to participate and yes it is a WOD programmed for my grandma (note to all my grandma does not do CrossFit, while I wish she did she cant)  Anyway so dont let the word fundraiser and WOD scare you.  No Octoberfest OR Shoot Out WODS being programmed.  Its for a good cause.

ALSO next week we will have limited hours on Fri.  after Thanksgiving and we will also have 9:30 Mon-Wed. and MAYBE a WOD on Thanksgiving morning!! We will see???

JOURNALS are being ordered

Whos in for Pearland CrossFit zip up hoodies?


Wall Balls


Sit Ups

any way OH