So we owe a big fat apology to Tiffany, she was nice enough to write “her” story about PCF and the changes and we over looked it.  She’s possibly the sweetest member we have and I dont think I have ever seen her without a big smile on her face!!! Sorry Tiffany

P.S. We have your $5 giftcard for nerd dress up day 😉 as well


2012 was my first year with PCF. I had just moved to Pearland in October 2011 and was feeling like an outsider. I didn’t know anyone in town and was having a bit of difficulty adjusting to my new home. Joining PCF provided me with a community that I could feel like I belong to and make new friends. CrossFit assisted me immensely adjusting to Pearland and my new environment.


Many, many people don’t know that I use to be 50 pounds heavier. (Not something I tend to share.) I lost the majority of the weight about 2 and half years ago. However, CrossFit helped me lose that last 15 pounds to get to my goal weight. In return, through CrossFit, I’ve gained self-confidence, strength (both physically and mentally), and the experiences to go beyond what my mind says I can’t do. I cannot express how much strength CrossFit has given me to keep the weight off and lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. I will NEVER EVER EVER see those 50 pounds again. You can quote me on that! And please hold me accountable.


One last thing – THANK YOU! I am so grateful for each and every one of you that has walked into my life and helped me in my CrossFit journey. I know that I have long lasting friends and WOD partners in my PCF family.