Tuesday Amrap with Kettlebells
5 Burpee Box Jumps
15 Swings

Teneric Rx 6
James Rx 7
Joey Rx 6+20
Ross 6+10 (44)
Jacob 5+3 Rx (sub Pull ups)
Kevin 7+15 Rx
Garrett 6+3 RX
Jody 7+5 RX
Kristen 5+27
Jamie 7+5 RX
Lanae 8+5 RX

im sharing this video for a couple of reasons i totally dig it, i could watch it over & over again & WHAT other sport has this many “pretty people”? & because Shawn & I have our tickets bought to the games and we are soo Stoked and feel free to join us its going to be a kick butt time!!!!!