Hey you…yes YOU that has been busting your butt coming to the gym and sweating your strong on. Did you ever think you would be hitting these milestones that you have…ready for another one???  Take all your hard work to a new challenge that I will guarantee have you doing something that you once that was impossible…..CAN YOU SAY HOUSTON FULL AND HALF MARATHON BABY!!!

Don’t even start doubting yourself….you will be amazed how well you will do.  The best part is, you have until January to get in tip top shape.  If you haven’t heard, this run has gone to a lottery system to see if you get chosen.  YES….this run is the most popular, positive, and exhilarating endurance experience in the Houston Area.  Just like our box, all levels will be welcome and encouraged until you cross the finish line.

We have put together a Pearland Crossfit lottery group to register to see if we get picked to run.  Our chances may be a little more in our favor in doing this.  What you will you need to do is first say…YES, I will commit to doing this run in January.  Second, you will need to copy this link to your browser and register.  You have until June 23rd to get this done.


**I hope that works**

Most of use are registering for the half, but you are more than welcome to do the full.  OH(incase you didn’t know), the Half Marathon is 13.1 miles, and the Full Marathon is 26.2 miles.  What I will tell you is there are endurance runners who work out here at our box, who have been taken to new levels of greatness in their runs by doing Crossfit.  Your running frequency will be cut tremendously, and you will have new PR’s(personal records) that you thought would never be achievable.

SO come on…YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

2 years ago, Lindsey and I did the half marathon with only running 3X with 3 months of Crossfit training behind us.  YES…we finished and did it again the following year.

Also Shawn Fitch did the Rx weight of 315 yesterday & i wanted to give him credit it was mistakenly wrong on yesterdays blog….SO Shawn HELLL YAAAA!!!!!!  Special shout out!!!

THANKS TO THE 9:30 Group Getting our Sweat ON


15 Wall Balls 20/14
20 KB Snatches 53/35

Lori 15:05
Jenn 9:50
Neey 10:58
Teneric 11:41
Ryan 14:27
Shawn F. 18:46
April 15:24
Ross 6! HSPU/MU 8:56+
Stephanie 10/18 11:21
Sidia 26 11:02
Jewett Swings 53 19:26
Lanae 26 9:30
John 44 Situps 19:08
Antwain Fit Test
Q 18 3rds 9:42
Chad MOD
Garrett MOD 7:32
Carrie 9:32 3 rds, 18lb
Rennee 18:35 26
Taylor 17:41, 26
Alexis 9:52, 5lb Dumbell
Alyssa 18:09,26
James 12:51, 3 rds 35KB
Lauren 16:23, 26
Jody 13:08, 26
Jacob 22:33, 44
Kelly 16:42, 26KB YOU GO GIRL! TOLD YA YOU COULD DO IT!!!!!!!!!!
Radhika 15:37, 18
Amanda 17:12, 18
Stephanie 13:09 4rds, 18
Chris 10:18 26/18
Shannon 18:45, 35
Melissa 5:49, 3Rds, 18
Frachelle 7:51, 3RDs, 18
jeff 18:41,44
jerry 18:02, 35
Josh 13:38, 35