It is not too late to sign up for Barbell for Boobs at Clear Lake Crossfit.  We will be registering people at the door as well, you just wont get your shirt that day.  This is a great cause and a great way to see other crossfitters in the comunity.  Please try to make it out if you can. This also means NO SATURDAY WOD at our box.

Word to the wise we will be watching your range of motion like hawks, you are truly only hurting yourself by not doing exercises at full range of motion.  We will warn you, then no rep you, and then it will be a burpee penalty.   We want each and everyone of you to get to competition level and this will help in your progress. Don’t cut yourself short!!

Yes today was tough but My God you all kicked A*@!!!!  Thanks to CLCF for the 2nd part of this WOD today.


Death by 10meters rounds 8-12

rest and then

AMRAP 12 Min.    5-box jumps 10-pushups 15-squats and every 2mins you will do 5 deadlifts

score is wt of deads plus total completed reps

  1. Lanae 105 +9+10=365
  2. Torie 95+7+15=290
  3. Jake 205+6+15=370
  4. Anthony 205+9+5=470
  5. David 155+7+10=355
  6. Laura 43+10+16=317
  7. Victor 225+5+15=390
  8. Jose 275+4+15=410
  9. Diana 103+7+28=341
  10. Brian 135+5+23=308
  11. Casey135+5+14=299
  12. Kelly 53+8+10=303
  13. Mandy 73+6=253
  14. Drew 275+8+10=525
  15. Joey 305+7+15=530
  16. Steve 305+5+15=470
  17. Debbie 83+8+8=331
  18. Kay 103+7+5=318
  19. Radihka 83+8+2=325
  20. Tiffany 115+11+5=450
  21. Shawn 225 +8+5=470
  22. Kristen 145+8=385