Teams of 2 did a combined 66 reps of these 6 exercises (in honor of Seal Team 6 who carried out the raid)
KB swings 53/35 lbs
Wall Balls 20/14 lbs
Hang Cleans 95/65 lbs

Each member had to do the same number of reps

Shawn M./ Kim 14:32 (Visiting from Utah. Welcome)
Garret 11:53 1/2 WOD
Lori/April 21:10 modified
Jo/Ross 23:23
Teneric/Fay 16:24
Jody/Steve 21:35
Jerry/Jacob 23:49 modified
Kat/Linz + Lilly 16:32 modified (makes me smile Lilly is getting her work in already)
Jen/Tammeka 15:53 modified
Jamie/Nicole 19:42 (1st time in a workout without a band for Nicole. So proud of you!!)
Monica 7:15 1/2 WOD modified