Please read the new Motivated People Only sign now proudly displayed on the PCF wall. It really does say it all.  Motivated people have a vision.  They set goals to make that vision a reality.  Because of their personal visions the people in our BOX are UNDER construction.  A PERSONAL vision is a destination, it is where or who you want to be.

Get that vision set in your head, it might seeing yourself in a pair of jeans that has been taunting you because you can’t zip

them up.  IT might be seeing yourself cross the finish line at a half or even a full marathon.  For others it is a picture of that dream vacation and proudly lying on the beach in a skimpy swim suit.

Set goals to make that vision a reality.  You must set reasonable goals, ones that are attainable, that are measurable and won’t take forever to make happen.  Your vision should motivate you,  and the goals break that vision down into small pieces that are more easily achievable.  For instance, deciding to eat Paleo for 30 days AND then to give up something like drinking alcohol (we can discuss the synthesis of fats and what makes ethanol so special another time) for a period of time AND setting fitness goals too.  Achieving these goals one by one is motivating and gives us the strength to reach for the next one.

My vision for over a year has been to make it to the Crossfit games as a competitor. This past spring that dream was postponed (see I haven’t given up yet) by the first WOD and my nemesis skill : double unders.  But keeping that vision firmly in my mind I have kept trying to make a double under happen.  Last week I spent a lot of extra time pulling out my jump rope and jumping…  NOW I am on to my NEXT goal…the muscle up!  AND yes I have more work to do and hopefully I can make my vision a reality.

I am UNDER construction here at Pearland Crossfit and I hope that you will continue to be too!


  • 3 RFT
  • 12 front squats (135/95)
  • 12 burpee pull-ups