This will be a bit disjointed…it is really several tasks that Kat assigned to me :-).

1.  There will not be a Saturday WOD!  The UFC Fan Expo is going on at the George R Brown Convention Center…. as you know there is a connection between UFC, MMA and Crossfit… check out the website and consider joining our coaches and attend. 

2.  On October 22, 2011 – Consider making the trek to Champions Crossfit and watch one of the best area Crossfit competitions!  It sold out in minutes!

3.  AND this is the MOST IMPORTANT TaSK – A BIG SHOUT OUT to ……..DRUM ROLL…. Renee Moreland who did 20 kipping pull ups in a row!  WAY To go Renee!

4.  To find today’s WOD times you will have to go to the WOD page, because after I post this it is going to push today’s wonderful and insightful posting about visiting another box to that page 🙂

NO ONE has responded to my two requests for shout outs about other WOD times other than the 515AM class!  Isn’t there at least one of you in each class that could take like 5 minutes and tell us something special about someone you worked out with, someone who impresses you day in and day out?

6:15AM WOD time…I am impressed with ya’ll!  Most of these PCF members get to the box early and cheer on the 5:15AM class as they finish up their WOD.  They are friendly, eager and enthusiastic.  I have never heard the word can’t when they first look at the board, although they do often ask, “how bad was it?”