i’m spoiled. i’m lucky. i’m blessed. imagine working with people that are uplifted, motivated, dedicated, passionate, and hardworking. sound like the perfect work environment? it is. again, so blessed.

this is where i work. these are the people we impact. these are the people that impact us talking about you the person reading this the people that come in everyday and make PCF what it is.   this is one of the reasons why l love my life.

SOOOO stop by sometime and see what i’m talking about.

Dont Forget to tell your friends & family FREE Sat. Wod!!!! Remeber you refer someone and they sign up you get $25.00…..gas prices are high these days;)!

Also check your emails you have something in them coming soon with the help of Jamie Reesby 6:15 pm class, & Jenn Heitmann they have put together something awesome and you will see SOON!!! Dont want to give it away, BUT they worked hard on it so be looking for it soon in your emails!!!!  THANK YOU GALS YOU ROCK!!!!!

WOD for Wednesday


Wall Ball 20/14

Push Ups

Push Press 75/55