WOD: 4 rounds of 10 lateral burpees, 10 deadlifts 255/155 lbs and 10 situps with 10/25 lb plate
Nicole 10:55 modified
Melanie 8:31 (115 lbs)
Susie 8:12 prx’d
Sam 9:34 (65 lbs)
James 9:19 (225 lbs)
Kevin 10:52 (225 lbs)
Kyle 10:24 (95 lbs)
Linz 8:59 (135 lbs)
Kat 9:55 (135 lbs) and (19 lb ball)
Jeff 12:27 (185 lbs)
Steve 12:23 (245 lbs)

Lindsey and Katherine finally had their first workout together after being open for 5 days. Mel and Susie were back again from P3. And a big thanks to James for saving the day.

Don’t forget about our Saturday 8:30 am workout and 9:30 skills class. We will be training in the front parking lot so everyone who drives by will start wondering what Crossfit is all about. Just come in for one workout or just watch and you will never look back.

October is our goal!

Lindsey getting her WOD in.

Giving 100%

Future Crossfitter. It does not get any cuter than this. Katherine will not know what to do without her Sicfit Hat!

Katherine getting her WOD in.