We had a lot of people give it everything they had today

WOD: 3 rounds 20 hang cleans (95/65 lbs), 15 pullups, and 10 ring dips and 400 meter run.

Lindsey      16:34

Steve         20:53

Eric            12:48

James        16:49


Julie          21:10 PVC hand cleans/2 band PU/parallette dips

Kristen       23:22 PVC hand cleans except last round with 45 lb bar/1 band pullups/parallette dips

Melissa       25:05 PVC hang cleans/jumping pullups/parallette dips

Jeff             16:34 65 lb hand cleans/1 band pullups/parallette dips

Sam          13:57 45 lb hang cleans/2 band pullups/sitting ring dip

Diana         23:06 PVC hang cleans/2 band pullups/sitting ring dips (chase times & confidence will follow)

Intro workout: 3 rounds of 20 supermans, 10 lunges and 20 pushpress with PVC and 200 meter run

John           9:10 100 meter run

Suzanne    11:38

Samantha  10:55

Susan        12:19


  1. KristEn says:

    Website looks awesome!! So happy to be with y’all. You are all badasses and I love the encouragement you all give us. THANK YOU ALL!!!!

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