noticeOK YES well im blogging so well I’m going to blog about myself.  Alot of soul searching, goal setting for me lately.  I had to search deep on why I start stop start stop you get the point other than the typical things like kids, husband, activities, school homework, my kids change in the car, snack in the car between activities and sometimes I just feel guilty on spending another hour at the box when I’m not coaching, cleaning or blogging, BUT really a happy ME is a Happy Blanchard household.  Besides all these excuses The real problem is that I get so far behind in training that when I start back I immediately want my strength back, my endurance back and well my (hot naked body back) YEP I said it, but come on some of you were thinking the same thing.  As long as we think its hot or our husbands, or wives.  I want to feel good about myself.  I’ve been working out for the past two weeks sometimes 2 a days some days morning strength then a quick met con & NO I havent gotten faster, stronger or FEEL or LOOK any better and this is where I get tired and give up UNTIL this one little pic I saw and was like “THATS ME” YELLING!!!!!!!!!  THATS MY PROBLEM and yes I preach this everyday “give it time it will come.”  BUT I was there once and I want it back NOW and I just have to be patient and keep trucking.  Some of you have noticed I’ve been writing on my hand with a marker everyday well IF only it was appropriate I would tattoo motivational quotes all over my hands to get me through this not giving up in 2013!!!!!!!  Just a little FYI I have printed this up and its everywhere in my car, on the fridge, and in my bathroom.  Maybe some of you can relate, and the others keep trucking you actually inspire me to want to do better be better!

Lots of texts on this one that read “only 1 round”


200 meter run


7 Heavy KB swings 70/53

9 T2B

200 meter run

200 meter walking lunges