Thank you to those that came today to “OPEN” Gym.  Also A HUGE THANKS to who were able to stay Kevin, Garrett, & Kristen for sticking around and helping us straighten & Clean the gym.  Lets try really hard to keep it this way.  

Example floors, bars, KB, mats, wall balls,

How many people have ripped hands recently? How many of you used chalk last week for the workout? How many of you used way too much chalk for the workout? It’s ok, chalk happens.
For many of you this may be your first experience with using chalk during workouts so we’ll chat for a minute.
The purpose of using chalk during workouts like ours is for the times when your hands have become too sweaty to create an adequate grip on the pull up bar or barbell. Chalk helps create that grip. That being said, you only need a tiny little bit of chalk, applied once at the beginning of your workout. That’s it. No more than a tiny little bit, applied to your hands before you clap them together gently inside of the bucket. If there’s chalk outside of the bucket, then there also must have been a momentary bend in the laws of physics – as it is physically impossible to have chalk all over the place if the above directions have been followed.
Why not coat your hands in chalk you ask? One, its unnecessary and will actually lead to your hands ripping. “When you start to abuse it (chalk) and your hands look like Mickey Mouse’s gloves, not only does it create a mess for us, but it creates problems for you. It won’t help your grip…however it will make your hands easier to rip (think doing pull-ups with sand in your hand) It also creates a mental dependency, which causes you to do ridiculous things like chalk up every single time you fall from the pull-up bar.”
There you have it folks, chalk in a nutshell. Use it wisely, use it sparingly and use it correctly.