Weight Loss vs Inches Lost

Loss, Lost, and the Joys of trying to WIN the challenge…

As we finish up week two of the challenge, I am guessing that everyone who actually has been trying to change their diet along with showing up at the box to work out has seen a difference in the way that their clothing fits.  In the first two weeks of changing of your diet, while increasing your workouts should result in more lost inches than lost pounds.  AND the best part is that as your body creates more muscle it will burn more calories!  The most difficult thing for most people to give up is drinking. Alcoholic drinks and the carbs they hide in them are BIG on calories, empty calories that convert very easily to FAT!  If I can take a pledge to stay away from drink for the duration of  the challenge – anyone can!  So, please take the challenge seriously, listen to the advice of our coaches and share your successes with everyone, not just your team mates!  WE are ALL on the same journey to improve ourselves!

Strength – power clean max (5,3,3,1,1,1,1,1) 12 min of work


  • 7 HSPU
  • 7 Thrusters
  • 7 Hang Cleans


  1. I can see big difference in lots of peeps at our gym… (Cough) April, Jill, Jen, Kevin W…. Just to pick a few.

    Great job to everyone, Lord knows I want to win, but I am happy being apart of such an outstanding group of people!

    Nice seeing some new faces from Saturday WOD’s at weekly workouts now. And I was amazed by all the bootcampers today. Maybe we could show their accomplishments on the blog too…

    • great idea Jody…maybe Jen can write up something that we can post! I might be able to come by one evening at 630 next week with my camera and take pictures of them as well :-)

  2. Good Morning… Let me just again and again… There is nothing like our PCF family. Yesterday was one of the hardest workouts I have had at the box. I kept telling gym, I have to drop the weight, I can’t get through it. but she didn’t let me give up. I had to keep going. I did it, with the help of Shawn, but I did it. at the end I finished, didn’t care about the time, I don’t even know what it was… but I finished. With the help of everyone in the box. So thank you all for not giving up on me.

  3. ummmm…. that is suppose to say, let me just say again and again……. :)

  4. ok…. i can’t spell or write today…. ‘i kept telling Jen, not gym…. lol

  5. Franchelle says:

    This challenge has been one the best things for me. I can also see changes in a lot of people. Great Work PCF Family!!!!

  6. There are very few workouts that I seriously consider getting a dnf. Yesterday was one of those days. Thanks so much Shawn and Kat for not letting me quit! You 2 are the best!

  7. Tammeka, I am right there with you on that one!!!!

  8. I think its time that we add a “then” and “now” link for pictures! There is Renee, Fay, Jen, Jody, Lindsey, Kevin N, Kevin W, Jonathon, Ross, OMG…who am I leaving out Suzanne, Stephanie, Ryan, and on and on! Not to mention all the ones that are having recent success from the challenge. I think before and after pictures will help the new people. Because when I started…I didnt see anyone else that was 225 lbs like I was! We are all just proof…SO LETS PROVE IT!

    • You are inspiring April! And so quick to support everyone else! The best part of the day yesterday was having several younger mom types come up and ask me how old I was and tell me they are inspired to keep crossfitting! GO PCF!

  9. I like that idea April. I look at my pictures daily as inspiration. I look totally different, and feel 100% better. The workouts are great, but I love the people here. That really gives you all the support you need to win.

  10. Fay…you are the leader of this pack! Your entire family is a bunch of bad a$$es! You are the rock star competitor david is a living miracle jonathan is the shrinking man and Ross is just one kick butt dude! And I just know the other two are just as amazing…because they are WATSON!

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