Today was Kristi’s 1yr. Anniversary with PCF and her Birthday.  Thank you Kristi for sharing and what a great reminder that CrossFit  not only makes us stronger physically, but stronger emotionally as well.
2012 was an eventful year for me.   I couldn’t have gotten through it without Pearland Crossfit and Coaches. It is my pick me up. When I broke my heel this summer everyone was there to help me modify and cheer me on. It was great. CrossFit has made me physically but most of all emotionally stronger. I have gained so many friends that share in my passion for health and fitness. It really is like a family. January 10 will be my 1 year anniversary and I couldn’t imagine my life without PCF. The physical changes are less important, but here they are….I’ve lost about 6 pounds, 2 pant sizes and toned up a lot since I started a year ago.

                                   Kristi Reese

1_10 Whiteboard Photo