Get Ready for the 2012 Crossfit Games….

February 1, 2012 registration to compete in the open workouts will start. ANYONE can try these workouts and compete in the open. There will a workout posted every week for 5 weeks. Try it! Don’t bring your excuses, bring your best attempt at every workout! Check out the games website for a break down of the time line of the games this year.  My nemesis is double unders, for the next three weeks you will see me pulling out the jumprope and jumping!  Am I going to let them hold me back from competing in the open?  NO!  I will be in the box trying my hardest, I really want  to win one of those coveted Masters Women spots at the games.  So, no matter what level you are at in Crossfit give it a try… you might surprise yourself with some PRs! – FAY

KAT HERE  Speaking of PR’s I dont know everyone, but the people I do know are the ones I saw tonight so a little shout out to Jody and Hayley on back squats!!!!  Good job girls and good job everyone that took the time to work on your form for squats. 6:15 MY BAD ON SCORES GEEZ my BAD, but i wrote yall a little I SORRY on WHITEBOARD just make sure you are journaling!

Instead of excuses let us know what new skills you have since last year’s open – a year makes a huge difference AND we are all inspired by your new accomplishments.


Back Squats



5 Burpee Box Jumps

10 Wall Balls

15 KB Swings 53/35