TOMORROW is DAY 1 training for sectionals next year!!!!! Lets take a team, or compete individually, but Tomorrow is our Day 1 of training for next years Sectionals!!!!! Thanks to Fay, David, Ross, Elysse, Teneric, Tiffany, Shawn, April, for coming to Regionals with us and hanging out and cheering on our friends At Bayou City and fill in Coach Susie Tannery & our friends at Clear Lake CrossFit!  Bayou City is going to the games and Im soooo proud of Susie. I think Shawn & Steve yelled sooo much they almost lost there voice and well i cried like a baby i was soo happy for her!!! Games BABBBBYYY!!!!! & the COUNT DOWN BEGINS!!!!!

ALSO this weeks 9:30 class is scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday!!! I will be coming from the opposite side of Pearland i have to drop my son off at VBS at 9:00 so just bear with me if im a couple minutes late this week.  Thank YOU

Additionally,  we are asking that you do not begin warming up until your scheduled class time and please do not stand in the training area while another class is finishing their WOD.  We are concerned that our athletes are getting warmed up well before their class time then waiting for the others who began at their scheduled time to warm up and you get cold again, which results in injuries.  Feel free to stretch if you arrive early.