No one said it would be easy.  No one said that you would leave happy with your workout every day.  But what they do say is that you will be glad you came.  Every waking minute is a challenge and or a test.  You have to dig deep and tell yourself that the pain or lack of air will pass. Remind yourself that each second of your WOD you are competing and all of us are competing for different reasons.  Competing with yourself, the person next to you, the clock, your boss, your bills, etc.  Because of crossfit you conquered something or someone every time that you came to workout.  The odds will always seem to stacked against you until the minute you hear 3..2..1..GO. And at that very moment you have to focus on what you are trying to conquer or overcome and go head to head with it.  Its at that very moment that you have to decide to be better than you were the day before.  So leave your ego and your problems at the door, pick up the bar and do something you have never done before.  Who gives a crap what you have to write on the board as long as YOU left it all on the floor or pavement and you cant look back and say I wish that I would have done that heavier or faster.  Today is the day…no more excuses.


HAVE yall MISSED Lori “AKA” Lori the bad ass from the 5:15 class!  April and I went to the “game” she coaches the Dawson Varsity Volleyball tean actually i think shes the CHIEF of it all.  The biggest district game of the season.  I sneek peeked a pic of her doing her thing


200 Meter Run

20 KB Snatches

15 Goblet Squats

10 C2B