Have you EVER kept a New Years Resolution? NOT very many folks have!  So, instead join Shawn’s challenge or create a challenge of your own. Re-evaluate your fitness level and look at your last goals… did you make it to the goal that you set November 19th(http://pearlandcrossfit.com/why-do-you-crossfit/)? Click on this link to see what you committed to at that time.  Set a new goal, maybe you need to make it more realistic.  Add it as a comment to this post so that everyone knows that you are committed to being the fittest you!  Instead of making a resolution that we won’t keep….WE need to keep on working on the goals that we set in 2011, expand on those and WORK Hard!  STRONG isn’t just PHYSICAL…it is a FRAME of MIND! 

WOD – in photos…
6 rounds – 20 box jumps, 20 kb swings, 20 situps – 2 minutes rest after each round
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