WHO needs a NEW Years Resolution?

Have you EVER kept a New Years Resolution? NOT very many folks have!  So, instead join Shawn’s challenge or create a challenge of your own. Re-evaluate your fitness level and look at your last goals… did you make it to the goal that you set November 19th(http://pearlandcrossfit.com/why-do-you-crossfit/)? Click on this link to see what you committed to at that time.  Set a new goal, maybe you need to make it more realistic.  Add it as a comment to this post so that everyone knows that you are committed to being the fittest you!  Instead of making a resolution that we won’t keep….WE need to keep on working on the goals that we set in 2011, expand on those and WORK Hard!  STRONG isn’t just PHYSICAL…it is a FRAME of MIND! 

WOD – in photos…
6 rounds – 20 box jumps, 20 kb swings, 20 situps – 2 minutes rest after each round
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  1. hmmmm How awesome this last (almost) year has been since getting back into crossfit. More specifically, Pearland Crossfit. You have changed my life, and have become such awesome role models to the reds. The first thing out of Paris’ mouth every morning is, when are we going to crossfit today? Each of you push me and inspire me to do better. I know that when I am working out and i pause for any period of time I will hear my name being yelled out to keep going. No where else will I hear that. I praise each of you for coming in everyday with that passion and strength to kick some ass. and yes… with a smile. We all do it together. No one understands our crazy addiction we have. We try to explain it to others but they look at us like we have lost our minds. and maybe we have. But it is definitely in a good way. I thank each and everyone of you for the inspiration, the friendship and most importantly becoming a part of my family. So with that said… let’s kick some ass and show ourselves that we don’t quit and we keep pushing through. We are strong and important people and we all kick ass with a smile!!!! :)
    oh… my goal… NO bands, no injuries, and eventually 20 in box jumps with no pain!!!!! :) Happy New Years!!!!

  2. every morning my kids also ask me if we are going to the gym today and i am so thankful that they are made to feel welcome and part of the family and am proud that they are being exposed to incredible people doing incredible things on a daily basis. i am thankful that each of you and PCF has come into my family’s life.

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