Why do you Crossfit??

Each of us have our reasons for being a CrossFitter. So ask yourself “why do I crossfit?” When is the last time that you set back and truly evaluated your progress? Are you 100% satisfied with where you are? Do you even know where you want to be? DO YOU HAVE YOUR GOALS WRITTEN DOWN? If you dont, you are just wondering around aimlessly. Take a look at where you want to be with your fitness. Do you just want more energy? Are you just getting in shape for a cruise? Are you wanting to lose weight/inches, just wanting to get stronger or DO YOU WANT TO COMPETE IN THE GAMES….AGAIN, WHAT BRINGS YOU TO THE GYM? I challenge you to evaluate where you are, where you want to be, and how long do you see yourself getting there.

Once you have your goals written down post them where you can see them on a daily basis. Its important that you look at them often. Put up post it notes on your mirror, in your car, on the fridge. Tell yourself over and over again that you CAN reach these goals, you ARE strong, and before you know it you will be setting NEW goals.

If you do not know how to set obtainable goals, get with one of the coaches, they will be happy to help you set and reach your goals. Also, read books about goal setting, you will surprise yourself when you start writing your goals down. You need to have a goal that FIRES YOU UP SO MUCH YOU CANT SLEEP.

Homework (ALL COACHES AND ALL MEMBERS) due Monday 11/21/11: (50 burpee penalty for late work) Post ONE short term goal and the date in which you will accomplish this goal. DO IT…..YOU CANT REACH A GOAL IF ITS NOT WRITTEN DOWN! See it and BELIEVE IT!


  1. 5 HSPU – NO mats! by Christmas!

  2. Dec. 1st 178 lbs
    Dec. 15th no more bands on pull ups even if it takes all day to finish the WOD :)

  3. Really?? You couldn’t have asked this a couple weeks ago?? I’ve just hit major goals!! Bands and box jumps!! Maybe handstand pushups on the bands?? By the end of the year???

  4. How about handstand pushups on the bands! (Great idea Suzanne!) By New years?

  5. Muscle up again By new years and be down 6 pounds By mid January. And be able to pr my clean and jerk By 10lbs By new years. No burpees here

  6. Kat (Coach) says:

    100 LB Snatch by January…& MU’s & HSPU the REAL ONES!!!

  7. Run a mi without stopping by dec 20th.
    Lose 10# by jan 1st
    2 band pull ups and no knee push ups by jan 10th

    I Crossfit because the side effects are much better than anti-depressant side effects ;)

  8. @Suzanne, the things that you have accomplished at PCF are freakin EPIC, but this is why I like this post, basically, its saying whats next, are we just happy with being on ONE band or BOX HSPU, well HELL NO we are crossfitters, WE ARE NEVER SATISFIED! So thats why its important to write goals down, because as soon as you reach them, you should be working towards another! So set a goal and KICK ITS ASS! ;)


  9. Start attending main WOD: Dec 1; marathon in 4:30:February 5; and a real pull-up (no bands) by march 1

  10. My goal…. hmmmmm box jumps… stop the mental madness and no bands by Feb!!!!

  11. I crossfit b/c it is the most fun thing ever! I love my people! And I want to be able to do a HSPU by new years… Seems to be a demon of many peeps.

  12. One goal is to run a 10k in March without stopping! So I am going to do at least one 5k a month until then.
    Also, I want to be able to do 10 modified HSPU with mats in a row by Valentines Day or no chocolate for me ;)

  13. 5 pullups in a row…by dec 15

  14. One band pull ups by dec 20th ( or sooner)! Work on hspu…. Be able to hold the handstand everytime then work on the push up part. Long term goal…. By march 17th be back to my orginal size 4-6 pants!!! So excited! We can all do this! Especially with the support of the PCf family!

  15. Pullups, no band during all WODs by the end on Jan 2012.

  16. Franchelle says:

    2 band pull ups by the end of the year

  17. 70 DUs in row by Christmas; 2 HSPUs (rx’d no mat) by New Years; lose 20 lbs by my birthday

    I CrossFit because it makes me happy :D

  18. I want to do 1 strict muscle up by my birthday (Jauary 4th), and bring my dead lift max up 10 lbs by the same date

  19. Be able to do 5 pull ups w/out any bands by 2/27/2012. (I’m still on 2 bands as of now)

  20. Double unders without a bounce in between, 3 bands instead of the big white band, lose 9 pounds by jan 1st.
    I Crossfit because it makes my happy to be strong!!! And it’s my “me ” time…I never have anything better to do at 5:15 am!!!

  21. I Crossfit because it makes me physically stronger, but more importantly, mentally tougher. I find myself pushing past obstacles and hard things in life much more readily because I have practiced pushing past what I think I’m capable of in the gym. I’ve learned to put aside the “I can’t” and “Its too hard” thoughts and just do what needs to be done. I Crossfit because it helps me forget all the inconsequential crap that most people get ulcers over. One of the most important reasons that I never want to go back to a traditional gym is the people. I always have someone there to cheer me on or call me out and I get to be that person for someone else. I don’t have to be a coach to be an encourager. In the words of Lisbeth, I Crossfit because it makes me better.

    Goal: Run 6 miles by the end of January. (consecutively, without walking) I am currently at 3 miles.

  22. 3 band pull ups for all WODS. 10 box jumps on regular box. Both by new years!

  23. 205 lbs Snatch by January 3rd. And a 205 Jerk by February 1st.

  24. No band pull ups by end of feb.

  25. Keegan Lucas says:

    Muscle up….5 by new years.

  26. No band pull ups for all WODs by the end of December. I can do about 3 in a row as of Saturday!! Hand stand push ups- more than one at a time—not having to get up in a hand stand all over again after each one by end of December. Really I want to be stronger!

  27. 300 pound back squat and double unders by February 22nd. This date is very significant! http://games.crossfit.com/features/get-ready-2012

  28. Must do a pull up with no bands by new years!! And get over my mental block with 105lb cleans. We can do this!!!!

  29. Drop only 5 more pounds so I can be back at my collegiate playing weight by December 15, 2011. I want to get 20 pull ups without stopping using the Kip motion by December 31, 2011. I come to cross fit because I truly enjoy the challenging workouts. The people really keep you inspired and they won’t let you quit. I sincerely enjoy and love PCF. It has truly helped my self esteem and continues to offer me mental and physical challenges that make me a better me.

  30. I crossfit because of the challenge, the variety, the coaches, and the people. I was hesitant to start crossfitting because I didn’t know what it was; I started slow because I was learning and had to build up; I now push myself (with the help of the coaches and 6:15 class!) to new limits. The thought of going back to a regular gym and elliptical/bike/treadmill seems utterly boring.

    1-band pull-ups by mid-December. Thinking about others.

  31. Lisa white says:

    HSPU by New Years. What I like most about CF is that you truly get the feeling that people care.

  32. Nicole OBrien;) says:

    Some awesome goals being post!
    loose 10lbs by Christmas, and another 10 by the end of January, stay free from injury!!!!!!!!!! Find my max clean and Jerk. And by golly no band for pull ups in all WODS by Christmas. Many more to come:)

  33. 405 lb deadlift
    235 lb power clean
    155 lb shoulder press
    Sub 19 min 5k

  34. My current goal is to get my knee back to 100%.

    I crossfit because being fit and healthy is much better than being a fat, unhealthy sack of goo-flesh with a severely diminished standard of living. Plus stronger people are harder to kill…in mind and body, and generally look better naked.

    Chad, aren’t you already a 205 pound jerk? ;)

  35. Lori McLaughlin says:

    Sorry for the tardiness in my goals. I have been disconnected from technology for a while.
    Okay goal…hmmm seeing how I am just making my baby steps back, get back to 10 PU in a row, start working on my endurance for my half marathon in January, and begin getting my strong back for the women’s competition in the spring! Will need to be pushed by my coaches and everyone else. All this by mid December!! Ha. Oh and meet new family members at our box and catch up
    with all the veterans. Everyone looks so awesome and keep it up.

  36. I crossfit because it’s the first thing I’ve ever done in my life that hasn’t come “easily”. I LOVE the challenge!

    I have an end of the semester (Dec. 15)check-off list in my planner.So far I’ve crossed off no band pull-ups, DL 150+, do a WOD RX’d, & beat Ross in an RX’d WOD. All that’s left is handstand walk & lift 100# overhead!

  37. Lose 15 lbs and use 3 bands for pull ups by New Years.

  38. Shawn Fitch says:

    My goal is to perform a muscle up by the end of January.

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