All right gang! When the coaches say CHEST TO BAR, they mean CHEST TO BAR!! If you notice there has been a lot more NO REPS coming from the coaches…DONT TAKE IT PERSONAL.  Just go about your WOD and do it again, yes that’s right a NO REP means to REDO because it didn’t count.

This is what a Chest to Bar looks like 🙂

Also, if you cannot do an exercise correctly…drop the weight, add a band, or get a smaller ball. Not being able to do an exercise CORRECTLY is the same that as cheating.  Like we have said over and over….stop worrying about what the white board says, worry about you getting better!

Now..HUGE POSITIVES! First of all, there are some new members KILLIN IT! Make sure that you know everyone’s name.  Have you seen the BOX LATELY  ITS PACKED! Big things are happening at PCF! For example, there has been a new delivery of mats for the first step in expansion! (Thanks to Steve and Jo for the awesome delivery)

Shout out to Taylor Ribonette! ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! You have come a long way! Keep up the hard work!

THE GOALS YOU POSTED WERE AMAZING! You guys keep working as hard as you are and you will reach your goals in NO TIME!

6:15am class WOD KILLERS!








WOD 11-21-11

3 Rounds

9 Chest to Bar

15 Dead Lift 225/155

21 Wall Balls