So, how do you feel now? You actually did it! You signed up waited for the announcement and voila! WOD 12.1 was one that EVERYONE could do prescribed!  I for one am done with burpees for a while.  AM I happy with my performance?  Not entirely but I am satisfied that I left all my energy on that gym floor – YES!  Today I will NOT be working out, I will be recovering so that I will be ready for the week ahead and the release of WOD 12.2!  How did you do on WOD 12.1?  What do you think will be next?  AND does that really MATTER?  Now we all need to dig deep AND just push through the rest of these OPEN WODs!  GOOD job EVERYONE!  Pearland Crossfit has some go getters and I am proud to be part of your family!