Hopefully todays WOD helped a little with the soreness.  Its getting hot people make sure you are staying hydrated through out the day, during and after class.  Lots of H20 & we also love advocare’s rehydrate and they have a new gel out!  See one of your coachs and they will help you out.

ALSO if you are interested in the WOD scaler challenge boys its only for the girls.  Please visit CrossFit Houston’s website.  April posted the link to our FB page today.  Thanks April

WOD  thanks to CrossFit Football for this one!!! OHH by the way it did call for 100 ring dips and 100 T2b but ya know wanted to save your hands for MURPH 😉 Your welcome 🙂

ALSO Im really really in need of some good tunes so comment here or our FB page please!!

6min of 60 yd sprints every 30 sec

50 ring dips

50 T2B

                                                                                                                                                            JUST in case you dont have FB Franchelle posted this last week!  This is what dedication, hard work and healthy living looks like!!! What an inspiration!!!!!!