YEP!  Pearland Crossfit is the winning TEAM!  ALL of us together, WE are stronger, healther and better than BEFORE!  THAT is worth some celebrating!  First I want to say – Congratulations to all of our Challenge Teams.  Watching you warming up, cheering each other on AND working hard together.  Hopefully, we all have come away from the challenge with a new appreciation for what diet, exercise and a support system can do for you.  I love the FB postings of everyone congratulating everyone else!  We have all made new friendships and really that was my favorite part of the challenge.

AND JO!  Thank you for letting me work out with you… I miss my 515AM crew but it was just driving me crazy to watch everyone work out and not do the same thing! I am working hard at letting this hamstring get better!

Enough random ramblings…

WOD December 8, 2011

WOD December 9, 2011
two photos because flash glare is over two different

From November 14, 2011
From November 14, 2011