Tons of new faces in the gym and  everyone is off to a great start! This is a great opportunity for everyone to get back to the basics.  We will be going over movements as group on almost all lifts for awhile. Please take this time to work on your weakness ( we all have them)  practice makes perfect! As we are working in groups please participate and make all of the new people feel welcome. If they need help setting up equipment or just another run through of the WOD please do not hesitate to help. On that note, please leave coaching up to the coaches. If someone has a question about a particular move please send them to one of the coaches. We know you are only trying to help, but this is a liability.

We changed things up a little today and went back to chest to deck with no hand release. A lot of people are cheating the movement to be quicker. When you are doing the hand release we are seeing a lot of snaking going on. The proper movement is all the way down, palms clear, and then back up. The coming back up is where the issue lies, I don’t believe I need to go into detail here. I think everyone got a lesson today at the box! We decided to go to hand release for a couple of reasons. Firstly, easy to judge and it is a competition standard. Secondly, from a strength and training standpoint hand release push ups work counter acting muscles, and this helps to even out the chest muscles thus allowing a higher volume of work before burnout. Finally, they are even better for your core, because you have to disengage and re-engage at the bottom of each push up. So the morale of the story is don’t worry about the white board and your time, and do the moves correctly.

Sorry for the long post. I usually don’t post (probably for good reason 🙂 ) Love linz     PS. I can’t get pic to post will work on it tomorrow!

See everyone tomorrow @ 9:00am for group WOD!!