How are your 50 squats going?  Do you hold your chest up while squatting? do you push your knees out?  Squatting is important, it is a fundamental Crossfit move.  It is also important to be squatting correctly, deeply, both feet flat on the ground, back arched, knees tracking over your toes…. this article about squatting has some great tips and some links to videos of stretches that will help your squat.

WOD 2 + 4 = MORE!
for 15 minutes at the top of every minute 2 power cleans at 80% of your 3 rep max and 4 pull ups

If you didn’t do any penalties and you had time left over every round, then it is time to work at pushing your max!  You are stronger than you think and READY to do heavier power cleans!