SMACK, bragging, SMACK and …..a little gentle joshing….BRAGGING….WHO deserves to walk around CROWING about being a WINNER?

Probably the most deserving person I know is the one least likely to CROW about his accomplishments during the 6 weeks of the challenge.  HE was down and out flat on his back for 4 weeks from mid-July to mid-August and has gone from step ups to box jumps to lifting weights.  HE inspires me EVERYDAY with his WILL to get better and BE better.

SO, who is the REAL winner of the Gobbler Get IT OFF CHALLENGE?  It is YOU and You and me…BUT only if YOU have incorporated what you have learned about diet, exercise and accountability to YOUR EVERY DAY Existence… The WINNERs are those who lived a new eating philosophy and found that they felt better and stronger – AND have kept that UP!  Do you have to EAT that way everyday?  Not really… you have to eat that way REGULARLY for it to have the right effect on you!

So much talk about what YOU were going to eat now that the challenge is over… and SO much talk about how we need to start another challenge for motivation.  PLEASE look deep down inside of yourself.  You had 6 weeks to get used to the NEW YOU and NEW eating habits.  IF you dropped the white stuff, the foods with a high glycemic index, if you ate lean meats and many smaller meals every day then keep keep it UP.  BE responsible for YOURSELF, BE ACCOUNTABLE to yourself… AND if you need an accountability buddy give one of us PCFitters a BUZZ!  WE are here for you, BUT ONLY if you are here for YOURSELF!

WOD December 14, 2011

5 rft


15 OHS (95/65)