You’re so old…..

when you were young, rainbows were black and white.

your social security number is 1.

Jurassic Park brought back memories.

you have an autographed Bible.

Happy birthday to one of our coaches! Shawn McDonald….you are a true legend! (Okay enough of the old jokes!!!)

On a serious note, all of us at Pearland Crossfit would like to say that we love you and we are thankful to have you in our lives!

And now on to more important updates! HAVE YOU SEEN THE GYM! My goodness that place is boomin’! There are so many new faces, AND THESE PEOPLE ARE ON FIRE! So if you are a member that has been here for some time and have plateaued….well I just found some motivation to help you over the plateau! THESE NEW FOLKS ARE ABOUT TO PASS YOU UP! Its time to step up your game! You have to SHOW UP TO GO UP!  GAME DAY BABY!  They are ballin! I have never seen so much dedication and determination in one place PEARLAND CROSSFIT IS SWACKING! (okay if you are as old as Shawn…google”swacking and jersey shores)


  1. Good post Kat! AND watch out everyone once my hamstring is humming again… I am going to be on fire!

  2. I seriously cant stay away from PCF. I just come by to say hi and see everyone! On my rest DAY…Im there! I love to see everyone busting their butts in the box day in and day out! And yes, its time to step up my game! GAME FACE IS ON!

  3. Happy Birthday Shawn!!! woohooo… and yes i think this addiction has been passed on to my Reds as well. Paris wanted to ‘help’ with the baseball boys and even though i did the 415 class, we stayed until after 7pm. So sitting on the floor with Ireland helping her with her homework and cheering everyone on is the greatest feeling!!! Thanks to everyone again for being such positive role models for the reds! i really do appreciate it more than yall will ever know!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Shawn! I hope to get to know all these new faces. More the merrier in my book.

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